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   B&W2 - Battle of the Gods players are well know who the Aztec Undead God is! It is the god of collapsed Aztec tribe by Greek god.

Aztec God (AKA: Talus) has an ability to raise undead armies under the soil. Now with Tribal Pack Undead God Edition, you can play B&W2 as an Aztec Undead God!

   Mod contains different types of undead armies which you can use, also It will unlock Zombie Ape if you decide to use but best of all;  you can now hear the speeches of Aztec Undead God for certain situations or your reactions.


Expansion Spells

You can now use Battle of the Gods expansion spells like Death Spell, Life Spell, Verdant and Lava on Black and White 2 and your creature can cast the spell that you want, you need to grab the spell orb and give it to your creature.


Aztec Skeleton Legion 

white 2-22-2020 11-04-14 PM-357.jpg
white 2-22-2020 11-03-13 PM-484.jpg
white 2-22-2020 11-08-06 PM-802.jpg

Creature casts Death Spell

Summoning Undead Armies

With Aztec Undead God Mod, you can summon up to 5 different types of Undead Army with two types of sacrifice methods.


  • You need click your Town Centre(s) to switch between options, then you need to tab your Town Centre to execute selected option.

  • by dragging and dropping villagers to your town centre(s), you can create undead armies whenever you wish!

white 2-22-2020 11-03-06 PM-950.jpg
white 7-18-2019 8-44-43 PM-546.png
white 8-2-2019 1-13-45 PM-275.png

Undead Platoon Types

Upgrading Undead Armies

Undead God Speeches

You can upgrade your undead armies by building graveyards on your towns. Up to 5 graveyards can take effect on the undead armies. The more you build, the higher xp will they get. (ex: 2 graveyards, lvl2 undead army by default.)

You can not become an Aztec God without his most favorite feature, which is his speeches to certain actions that we do. The mod contains over 90 different reaction speech for the game that you will be experience!

Multiple Options

white 2-22-2020 11-02-58 PM-874.jpg

You can customize your selection before install Tribal Pack.

install pack.png




Works on




every patch (Fan Patch v1.4 recommended)



Zombie Ape and Turtle Creatures

Mod contains multiple options, one of them is the ability to unlock new creatures, you can unlock Turtle, Gorilla, Tiger and Zombie Ape Creatures. Note that if you choose Zombie Ape, you can't use Gorilla.

Additional Creatures.png
B&W Screen 0013.png
white 8-2-2019 11-29-53 PM-586.png
B&W Screen 0013 - Kopya.png

Norse Ghost Army

Creature Swapper 

Version 1.5 brought back one of the favorite feature of Black & White. Now you can swap your creature throughout the game with the help of side missions.


Creature Swapping Video

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