In Black and White 2 universe, there are four major tribes. First one is Greeks, which comes as defult tribe type for players. Then Japanese, Norse and last, arch enemy of Greeks, the Aztecs... Tribal Pack Plus lets you play Black and White 2 as all these available tribe types. You can also hot switch between tribes while you're on the game. There are also multiple improvements such as patches and additional contents. You can use Tribal Pack Plus on both Black and White 2 and B&W2 - Battle of The Gods.

  • Japanese Altar.

Additional Features

Tribal Pack Plus comes with additional features. Some can be executed with key combinations, others can be unlocked by playing the game. All of the additional contents are listed below. (you need to read documentation or readme for full information about how to use additional features).

New Army Types and Upgraded Platoons

  • Norse University.

When your capital reaches a "town" or "metropolis" status and the number of melee and ranged buildings were reached to certain amount, additional platoon variants will be unlocked. You can switch between additional platoon types with the key combination of "shift + 5".

  • Undead Platoon type can be unlocked for Battle of The Gods players.

Color Swapping

You can swap your player color with the key combination of "shift + 8" whenever you want.

  • Japanese Metropolis on Battle of The Gods.

Tribe Switch and Intercultural Towns

You can switch your tribe type while playing the game with the key combination of "shift + 7". By doing that your pre-built building types won't change thus you can create intercultural towns!

Female Soldiers

Now women can be selected to recruit armies. Also if you play the game as Aztec Tribe, you can only use females to recruit archer platoons. You need to press "shift + 6" to gender switch for recruitment.

  • Female Norse Soldiers.

And Much More...

  • Menu Icons

  • Functional Town Centers

  • New Buildings

  • Setup Pack with Options

  • Town Impressiveness Adjustment

  • Tiger Unlocker

  • Dozens of game patches

  • Aztec Altar on good alignment

  • New Platoon Colonel Voices

  • Ability to create perfect shaped road or walls.




Black & White 2



Works on

Fan Patch v1.4 or Upper


210 MB

Black & White 2 - Battle of The Gods