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What is Tribal Pack?

Tribal Pack turns your Black and White 2 Tribe Type to any available Tribe type on Black and White 2 
which includes, Aztec, Greek, Norse and Japanese and of course now, Aztec Undead God as well.
Mod will change all the files in the game that makes you Greek (by default) to learn more go extended page of Tribal Pack.

Requirements of Tribal Pack 

Tribal Pack can work on every version of the game but its recommended to use on v1.3 (Fan Patch), you can install Fan Patch from B&W2 page tab. 

Does Tribal Pack Works with Mods?

Tribal Pack changes many files of the game thus, its cannot be work with all the mods... However you can try by backup your original Black and White 2 folder.

Does Tribal Pack Works on BOTG?

Currently you can not use Tribal Pack on Battle of the Gods. But you can use older versions of Tribal Pack which you can find over

Recent Videos of Tribal Pack Gameplay

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