Tribal Pack turns your Black and White 2 Tribe Type to any available Tribe type on Black and White 2 which includes, Aztec, Greek, Norse and Japanese.Mod will change all the files in the game that makes you Greek (by default) and now you can also turn back to Greek by using Tribal Pack.


Norse Tribe

New Creatures 

Now you can also use Gorilla as your creature and mod will also unlock Tiger by default.

Japanese Altar

Alternative Platoons

on original BW2 you only have one type of melee and archer platoons, with new Tribal Pack, now you can switch between more than one type of platoons to formate whenever you want by clicking to any given melee armory on your Town(s).

Norse alternative platoons 

Monk Platoons as alternative platoon selection on Japanese Tribe

Aztec Altar on good god alignment.

japanese Skyscraper

Alternative platoon selection Tutorial, it will be available on land 4!

New Menu Icons 

Custom menu and building icons are added for all available Tribes

Aztec Tribe

Alternative Selections

You can customize your selection before install Tribal Pack.




Works on






every version of the game, does not require patch



Major Update on June!

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