Before Using the guid down below, you may try to use Tiger Unlocker mod, it will automatically unlocks Tiger and you don't need to any thing!

Black and White 2 Tiger Unlocker Optimization for Windows 7,8 and 10

This a step by step tutorial to get Black and White 2 Tiger on Vista and Windows 7. 

Step One: Have Black and White 2 installed with both 1.1 and 1.2 patches installed. (don't know if this is required, but I wouldn't chance it)

Step Two: Either have the limited edition b&w2 or get the tiger unlock program. You can get the program.
(DO NOT START the program yet)

Step Three: Click your start button, and in your search bar type in RUN (Should be the first program to show up once typed in) Click on the program

Step Four: Type in "regedit" and hit ok (Note: BACKUP your registry before doing this part! if you don't know how here is a link Windows Registry - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia <If someone has a site that describes it better please post it in the comments>)

Step Five: Accept everything that pops up. Don't worry it's just warning you that you could mess stuff up seriously, but we aren't changing anything we are adding. Which doesn't harm anything. 

Step Six: Follow this exactly 
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\ Windows\CurrentVersion] 

Once you are in CurrentVersion right click in the righthand screen, and select "New" then "String Value" and name it


Step Seven: Now, since you are so far into the registry you could get lost and add the next part to the wrong area. So, in the lefthand box make sure you minimize all the expanded options. Until you are back in the HKEY selection area, and do the process over again. Except follow this instead.

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion] 

Once you are in CurrentVersion. In the righthand box right click and select "New" then "String Value" and name it


Step Eight: Now, exit out of registry editor, and start up the Tiger Unlock program. After you click on the word Unlock a message will pop up, and congrats because you have unlocked the tiger. start the game up, and see for yourself. 

Credit goes to some dudes from Germany and Canada for finding the exact registries to add. 

Note: If anyone could write a program that adds both registries to windows so no one has to mess with their registries please do. 

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