Here some hot topics that players frequently asks, if you can't see your question here, you can drop comment or send me message about your problem(s)/question(s).

1. How to run B&W2 and BoTG on Windows 10/ Modern systems?

Don't worry, we've covered you about that!, you can download Fan Patch v1.4 or higher and start playing B&W2 without any issue. 

You can get Fan Patch over: B&W2/Official Files & Patches tab.

2. How can I unlock Tiger creature and start using it?

On our B&W2 mods section, we have a mod that unlocks not only Tiger but also Turtle and Gorilla aswell!

Head over:

3. My game frequently crashes, any help?!

Our latest Fan Patch will increase your game stability and hopefully avoid crashes, if you're using Fan Patch v1.3 or older official patches; use Fan Patch v1.4 or orlder. You can get it on Official Files and Patches tab.

4. My problem is not here, what can I do now?!

Well, you can join our beloved B&W Discord community, there are lots of moders and handy people that can help you about your problem, just hit the Evil Advisor on the top of the site to join our discord!

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